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A journey of self exploration. Conversation with an outstanding Pakistani singer Tina Sani

Narration by: Shariq Ali
January 27, 2015

Tina Sani is one of the outstanding Pakistani singer. She recently shared her journey of self exploration through music and poetry with Valueversity. This conversation reveals how graduate from Karachi American School, got interested in Urdu poetry especially Urdu Nazam  and used her gifted talent and training in classical music by Ustad Nizamudding Khan of Dehli gharana, in order to take the road less traveled of singing Nazam rather than following the established tradition of singing Ghazal. This conversation is in 3 parts, each part is less than 10 minutes duration. Listen and enjoy!



Tina Sani for V V






مجید امجد ، آفاقی قدروں کا شاعر Majeed Amjad, a poet of universal vision

Narration by: Shariq Ali
November 28, 2014

MA photo 2

Toseey e Sheher

In my personal view, Majeed Amjad is the only Urdu poet, emerging from the recent horizons of modern Urdu nazam, who can be regarded as the poet of universal vision and empathy. Arguably one of the five best Urdu poets ever, his works are comparable, even superior with Tagore, Pablu Neruda, Farough Farukhzad and like. His poems, written in the period as early as sixties, shows sensitivity about universal issues such as environment protection and animal rights, the period when these issues were not even discussed by the West. His poems passionately depicts the story of human condition beyond the boundaries of culture, history and even times. Majeed Amjad, perhaps, is the only Urdu poet who achieved a successful connection with nature and human soul in his poems. He even succeeded to build bridges between the two

Valueversity recently had a chance to talk to Dr Mehr Afshan Farooqi Sahiba via telephone (my apologies for distracting telephone noises on Dr Farooqi side, as she was in Charlottesville, Virginia and I was in Essex). Dr Farooqi works in Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages Department, University of Virginia, USA. She is the specialist of Urdu and South Asian Lit. in her Dept. Dr Farooqi have authored many books including Anthology of Modern Urdu literature, and many remarkable articles about Majeed Amjad and his works. Listen and enjoy!

Shariq Ali



Cambridge ki gulyon main

On The Streets of Cambridge/Cambridge ki gulyon main

Narration by: Shariq Ali
May 28, 2013

For reading the English translation and for Hindi Roman script, please keep on scrolling down and to the next page to read the full poem. Please do leave your comments, if you wish, and oblige. Thank you!

Cambridge ki Galion main


A novice in the campus

my affair was tender

with blissful night outs


cafe was bright

with a chat so glittering

I took hot coffee

in the hands so chilled

and joined conversation

on a table of friends


the topic was love

its value, its worth

in a world so dicey

why justice so lonely?

why life so cruel?


colour of viewpoints

were bright and different

near fireplace of squabble


Then all of a sudden

the thought of tomorrow

took over my mind

I said cheerio

in a bit or two

I found myself

on the streets of Cambridge


the church was dopey

streets were dim

The path was stony

so cold and callous

bricks and mortar

on walls each side

so bashful, mysterious

as if they hide

the ages, gone by

the era, still coming

as if they breathe

with the secret they keep

the secret of a dream

so sleepless in heart


The dream of a boy

to be breeze, to be beam

and stun one day

cruel path, stony walls

and darkness of night

with a thunder and bang

like a fountain of light

go up and high

and touch the sky



Then breeze and the beams

start travelling, spread out

in the jungle of Africa

in the slums of Asia

over world bereft

calamitous with ignorance

and touch the people

and touch the children

to shine them with knowledge

to fill them with wisdom

and give them their pride

their vanity, their worth



My friends! lets dream

for ascendancy of knowledge

be strong to know

flowing time is a hammer

one day these walls

curbing knowledge for few

will be shattered, will be smashed

and knowledge will be free


Wisdom in its essence

is a cradle of dream

and the dream of future

is knowledge for all

is freedom for all.

Cambridge ki gulyon main

Thee nai shanasai

muskurati raton say

Restoran roshan tha

jhilmilati baton say

main nay gurm coffee li

surd mohr hathon say


Doston ki mehfil thee

zikr tha mohabat ka

karzar e husti main

aadmi ki wuqat ka

zulm ka , siyasat ka


Aatasheen daleelon ki

nurm gurm hiddat main

nukta e nazar kay rung

or khiltay jaatay thay


Dufatun miray dil ko

kul ki fikr nay ghaira

rukhsati takaluf kay

baad main nikal aaya


Church ki faseelain theen

raat kay basaray main

Cambridge ki gulyan theen

mulgajay andharay main


Patharon kay rustay thay

sunglakh deewarain

jaisay in main nadeeda

unkahay fasanay hon

jo abhi nahin guzray

aisay bhi zamanay hon


Jaisay saanse laiti ho

husrat aik khwabeeda

khwabgah e dil main jo

bayshumar jagi ho


Khwab aik bachay ka

kash main huwa hota

ilm ki zia hota

sunglakh deewarain

patharon kay rustay sub

bam o dur, faseel e shub

daikhtay hee reh jatay

dufatun achanuk jub

roshni ka fawara

aasman ko choo laita


Phir leher leher kirnain

kum naseeb dunya ki

simt gamzun hoteen

ashia ki wusat main

africa kay jungle main

muflisi ki duldul ki

aalmi haqeeqat main


Ye leher leher kirnain

jhugion ki busti kay

bawaqar logon ko

nung dhadrang bachon ko

choo kay moataber karteen

aagahi say nehlateen

roshni say bhur daiteen


Ilm ki fazeelat ka

khwab daikhnay walon

waqt ka tasalsul ik

taisha e musalsal hay

pash pash hona hain

sunglakh deewarain

ilm khwab gur hay or

khwab istaara hay

anewali dunya main

busnay walay munzer ka






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